Sunday, November 29, 2009

November 29, 2009, my first blog entry

I sit here with a tiny human being, my daughter, strapped face-first onto my belly. This is her favorite place to sleep and she can effortlessly clock in hours in this outside-womb. Her name is Opal Fay Grimes and she is just over 5 weeks old now and she weighs in at only a pound and a half larger then what she weighed when she was born. (She weighed just shy of 9 pounds at birth.) So she really is not much larger now than when she existed on the inside. It does feel comforting to have her attached to me in this way. Slightly reminiscent of being pregnant, though that seems like looking back through a very long lens at this point, but without all the other physical symptoms and without having my organs jammed up into my rib cage and with the major major benifit of being able to feel her warm, nasally breath as she snores against my chest even as we speak.

This is my first blog entry. This is all very new to me. In fact, I am more than slightly confused about how this whole thing even works, but I am curious and inspired to figure it out, to try to have my hand in this fancy way of communicating with the world at large. We shall see how it goes.

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