Tuesday, March 30, 2010

a pretty serene and tranquil situation

This is my very first video post!
The truth is, we have collected 100+ video shorts since Opal was born that we filmed on a lovely little cobalt-blue digital video camera, purchased entirely for baby-documentation purposes.
But as it turns out, you must have special software to download them onto the computer, which seems so silly to me, and we have yet to figure out that whole software thing.
So all of those fabulous bits of footage currently live inside the video camera, like a cartel of great conversations stuck in an elevator.
Oye, I am sure we'll figure out how to excavate them eventually.

But in the meantime, I am experimenting with the video camera that exists inside my actual camera, as a simple and humble setting on the dial.
It seems to do the trick and doesn't require any special software or secret passwords...so here is my maiden attempt at displaying this kind of video for all the world to see.

Filmed 3-25-09.
Opal is 5 months old.

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