Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Eight-minute speed round: Knuckles Pishy.

Tonight, our bedtime books consisted of the following: the book about colors (hello birdies!), the book about houses from around the world (hat-hat-hat when we reach the eskimos) and the book about Clifford the big red dog when he was a puppy (dada!).
Once we finished, we turned the music and the lights off and clicked on the fish. Opal's noise machine doubles as a night-light projector and comes with different slides of wildlife. Opal's favorite is by-and-large the image of the fish. HI PISHY! when we turn it on and NIGHT-NIGHT PISHY when she goes to sleep.

We were winding up the bedtime routine, rocking in the rocking chair as she willingly drank her milk, something she's been inexplicably boycotting lately. I hummed Twinkle Twinkle into he ear as she gulped. After half the sippy was down the hatch, I said "Good job honey."

She set down her milk to calculate a reply.

She looked up at me, held up five open fingers and said "knuckles mama." Then she shifted her held-open hand to face the fish-projection on the ceiling and said "knuckles pishy." At which point she picked up her sippy cup, pudgy as hell with self-pride, and continued to drink while I re-hinged and replaced my jaw in it's rightful place.


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