Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Poignant-Funny-Clever-Abstract-Genious Channel.

My, how she has evolved into a burgeoning conversationalist over the last many months.

Words ripening like fruit in the sun...
~From Opal wantom to Opal like some.
~From Uncle Kees to Uncle Quis.
~From Notha to Another.
~From all done to Opal finished now.
~From Golla to Gorilla.
~From Tella, Tar and Pider to Stella, star and spider.

~Play wiss me! Play wiss kiddos! No kiddos, iss Opal's B!
~Mama eat blueberries Opal. (Mama eat Opal's blueberries.)
~Mama fell raisin! (Mama dropped a raisin.)
~On the toy-phone: Hi Tella! Opal change dippy! Here mama, talka Tella!
~Mommy made this. What dis mama?
~What daddy doing? Where motorcycle go?
~No doggie, that's Opal's food. Doggie have OWN food.

Illuminated interactions with her world...
~A chat with B wile on a walk: Opal hear birdie chirping. Does B hear birdy chirping? Me too!
~After throwing food on the floor: B did it!
~After farting audibly at the dinner table at Grammy's, wearing a sly grin: Who did DAT?
~SomeBODY trees? SomeBODY car? (where DOES it all come from?)
~The butterfly is blue. He flew away in the sky!
~Beautiful dress mama. It new? You buy it?
~Beautiful flowers. People plant them, people happy.
~Bright light, mama, I wish you would turn soon PALEEZ!

Descriptions and common one-liners...
~What this is?
~I go shopping! I go buy shoes! Daddy come wiss me!
~Holy moly.
~Everything that happened before NOW occurred yesterday: I pet da horsey yest-a-day.
~While on a hike with mama: Giddy up, mama!
~While gingerly caressing mama's face: Good boy, mama.
~Emerging from the bathroom: I had PRIVACY!
~After being repremanded for not following instructions: I'LL CO-OPERNAPE!
~When she sees someone in a book who is sad: You're ok. Where his mama?
~When she bumps into the table, even if it really hurts: SORRY TABLE!
~Mama like some? Mama hungry?
~Where Horsey? He reading book in da living room.

Still more hilarious exchanges and verbal offerings...
~Opal: Who dis, mama?
Mama: This is the muppets.
Opal: (After some consideration) Oh, I ate muppets for breakfast yesterday!

~When mommy got into a light fender-bender in daddy's car: Mama bonka daddy car head. Kiss it!

~After returning from a grocery trip where daddy forgot his wallet in the car: Opal went to store with daddy. Daddy push Opal in BIG cart. Daddy no wallet. SILLY daddy!

~While spending time at Grammy and Grampy's house, she came across some of Lucy's do hair on the couch. She walked it over to Lucy and said: Lulu, I have something of YOURS...

~She is huge on naming anything and everything, though the names often change from one moment to the next. A few such names that have stuck, and that slay us to pieces, are the ones she gave to her three barnyard puppets: Pig-lick the pig, Hoo-hoo the horse and Beep the sheep.

The endless commentary is like having the radio set on the poignant-funny-clever-abstract-genious channel at all times.
If that's not enough reason to have children, I frankly don't know what is.

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  1. yes. yes. yes. I love the fart story. So much. Mostly because I did the same thing when I was very young- one of the first memories I have. I love picturing her stroking your face and saying, "Good boy, mama."
    I luff her.